Waves-LivingRoom (detail 1)
Waves-LivingRoom (detail 1)
120 x 72 x 2"

The Wave installation incorporates the sense of movement along a waters' edge. The artwork incorporates rows of ceramic vertical strips alternating against bare space. The overall composition continues to dissipate down the wall. Each 'wave' installation is unique; resulting in a natural movement and motion.

The wave installation consists of hundreds of single strands of porcelain clay. Each strip is individually rolled, cut, and altered then glaze fired. Each are attached on site.

Porcelain ceramic site specific installation. Final arrangement and design is dependent upon each architectural space.

Residential Installation.
The Twombly House. Living Room. Portland, OR.
120 x 72 x 2"

Giovanni Castillo, Designform Studio
Alicia Johnson, Fine Arts Curator
Trisha Guido, Relish Home Design Curator
Carey Miller, Assistant Curator
Scott Kouchi, Photographer

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