My sculptural wall installations include a series of handcrafted, individual ceramic pieces installed directly onto the current environment.

    Each installation is unique and representative of the design collaboration and environmental space in which it encompasses. For each work, I integrate man-made architectural areas as the basis of the artwork.

    Each site specific design layout allows for a professional ceramic installation in all environments, including offices, restaurants, galleries, and private residences.

    Please feel free to contact me for a consultation in regards to your next design project. -Katherine


    My path as a contemporary visual artist emerged from a career in the sciences. Passion for the scientific processes and curiosity of mechanisms bridged perspective in developing my artwork. The heart of my work integrates a visual articulation incorporating science with a systematic approach to ceramics. Each piece reveals a unique observation of an ecosystem, natural event, or of mathematical origin.

    I use porcelain and stoneware to build the foundation, offering a balance of fragility and strength. I enjoy experimenting within a monochromatic ceramic palate. Some are glazed in a high gloss, matte, or unglazed in its raw high-fired form.

    Time provides a framework, patiently working on each section as weeks turn into months: the repetitive process of individually hand-making each clay piece before altering and attaching. Equating to almost a linear progression of thousands of pieces coming together.

    I enjoy the process of discovery, starting with familiar forms of nature and to allow the habit of inquiry and love of complexity of form to take hold in my work; exploring the connection between science, contemporary art and the natural world.

  • selected venues
    Winter, ID. group
    Halo, CA. residential installation
    Degradation, ID. residential installation
    500 Teapots II. publication
    Aesthetica. publication
    Halo, CA. business installation
    Ceramic Annual Of America, CA. group
    Riverside Art Museum, CA, OrangeAID
    Center for Cultural Innovation, CA. grant
    Ceramic Monthly, advertisement inclusion
    Anneise Boutique, CA. guest artist
    Stewart Gallery, ID. invitational

    John Michael Kohler Art Center, WI. invitational
    Katie Gingrass Gallery, WI. invitational
    The Art of Healing, Netherlands, EU. research publication
    Monmouth Museum, NJ. group
    Americans for the Arts, scholarship
    500 RAKU. publication
    Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, MA. group
    Aquarium of the Pacific, CA. invitational
    Riverside Arts Council, CA. invitational
    Studio Visit Mag. Vol V,VII,X,XIII publication
    Los Angeles Annex Gallery, CA. invitational
    Ventura Pottery Guild, CA. guest speaker

    Baltimore Clay Works, MD. group
    Spring Arts Collective Gallery, CA. invitational
    TAG Gallery, CA. invitational
    Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, CA. group
    San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, CA. group
    Spring Arts Collective Gallery, CA. invitational
    TAG Gallery, CA. invitational